Four Chairs, No Waiting



Four Chairs, No Waiting is a montage consisting of imagery from ten barbershops within Halifax, Nova Scotia. Approaching the barbershop from an ethnographic perspective, I began thinking of barbershops as cultural spaces. From there it became apparent that there are multiple identities constructed within these spaces. Within these identities, there is an interesting interplay between what is public and private. Each of the barbershops have been organized in a variety of ways, displaying more or less bric-a-brac, ephemera, or signs of the barber’s personal lives. In essence, barbershops are “experimental portraits” of the barbers and the people that frequent them.


I prefer to think of this work as an installation, as opposed to a series of images. I am particularly interested in the objectivity of the framed images, which are reflexive of many of the scenes inside the barbershops. In this regard, I wish the viewer to consider the sculptural characteristics of the work. The first two images present an installation view of the finished work.



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